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Industrial machinery



Why were we selected

Improve technology and production technology

-Having mechanized and PLC water line -Having اتوماتیك MECOLPRESS presses -Having a series of six-axis Gildemeister lathe

Earn standard badges and certificates

-Obtain a standard EU CE certification -Quality Management Certificate ISO 9001:2015 -The title of standard sample Unit in the years 89, 87, 85, 92 and 94

Dynamic communication with stakeholders and customer satisfaction

-Leading in terms of production diversity and superior product quality -The existence of a respected atmosphere with the spirit of cooperation, prolific and efficient management -Creating a municipal distribution network for easy consumer access

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Azaran Industrial Group (PJS) was established in 1365 in the historical and industrial city of Isfahan. This company is a factory that has been founded in the hands of hard and committed to manufacturing industrial gears, and after a period of research and development, and by changing the structure of production and considering the needs of the country, the production of brass valves in the brand Azar and now with an area of 15000 square meters consisting of 9000 square meters of workshop space and 2500 square meters of office building and 1500 square meters of welfare space is engaged in activities.

Azaran Industrial Group, with the introduction of “Azaran, quality, assurance” in order to improve technology, has always been working in addition to receiving technologies to localize it. -The implementation of automation in production lines-اتوماتیك MECOLPRESS-having a series of six-axis shaver Gildemeister-using vertical and horizontal transfellers-enjoying the water mechanized and PLC line, 6-using of all اتوماتیك machines and….

Production of standard round and lock brass valve-The production of سوپاپی-round, water-and-middle quadrant valves-production of industrial machinery related to valve industries-acquiring the national standard of Iran-obtaining the standard certification of EU CE-for the first time in the country receiving technical certification from the center Building Research and Housing Ministry of Roads and Urban development-acquiring the title of standard sample unit in 85, 87, 89, 92 and 94-Acquiring Quality Management certificate ISO 9001:2000

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Azaran Industrial Group with a global view in the field of valve industries and with the possession of up-to-date and efficient machines is often the construction of the machinery sector, and the benefit of the power and engineering potential of the company has been able to be the largest producer of brass valves in the area.